Saturday, August 30, 2014

A chance to win a spot for Tracy Verdugo's painting ecourse!

Hi all. tracy Verdugo is giving away 3 spots in her up coming ecourse. Info is  Here or copy and paste . Tracy is an artist who teaches people to free themselves up and paint in ways they never knew they could. I hope I'm a winner in one spot but if not maybe you xxx
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some Amazing Pop Up Cards in Cairns Far North Queensland

I awoke this morning to the very sad news of Robin Williams passing away...a victim of depression and suicide..a tragic loss to the arts and the World...he made me smile, think and enjoy the World and he will be so missed by me and many others. RIP Robin and my thoughts to his family. His passing crept into my mind all day...we have such a short time on this planet and lately I have been letting my art time slip so I also found myself thinking I need to do more art and share my life as I go as I have always done in the here is a much awaited post and I hope there are more to come.

We are getting out and about up here in our new home in far north Queensland. I can't believe we have been here 7 and a half months already. On the week end we went to iconic Rusty's markets in Cairns...a great place to buy fresh produce and also other interesting items. While there we came across an awesome stand with pop up cards.....I have always loved pop up cards and couldn't resist buying four!


A few months ago I sent some double up books I had to an on line friend Autumn in the USA. As a thank you she sent me this gorgeous monochromatic (well almost LOL) card below...thanks so much Autumn!

I'm still struggling to find work away from nursing but I 'll keep trying. To fill in my time I'm doing weekly art classes at Douglas Art Base and we are slowly learning about acrylic paints and how to use them. I'm also doing a ten week experimental fiber arts course plus intermittently making some jewellery. There is a pebbly beach near us and I spent several hours gathering rocks to weave wire around...

It's weird as I thought being unemployed I would have loads of time to create but I seem to be busy doing nothing LOL. Well not really nothing as we have had delightful visitors after visitors here as well which has also kept me busy...visiting far north Queensland is a desired thing to do for those whom live in colder areas down South. We also are getting out and about to explore the gorgeous tropical rain forests that abound up here....there is a lovely walk near home called the Bump Track and its become a fav spot of mine. There is a divine creek along the track that I love which is below. I'll do a separate post re places we have been soon.

I also did a quick visit back to Darwin to see my daughter Carlia and our gorgeous granddaughter Ivy who is now 7 and a half months old. She is full of giggles and fun and is a very happy cruisey baby. I love her to bits

I hope to start posting more again soon and get more art and jewellery done as well. Till then....hug yr loved ones close and tell them you love them, embrace the World and its diversity and never take people for granted as like Robin they may not be there tomorrow...sigh
Annette In Oz

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What's On Your Work desk Wednesday (WOYWW) 257

Hubby is home on his days off and we were out and about last week so I missed WOYWW. Today I am late as we spent the day driving up to Cape Tribulation-which is a World Heritage listed Wet Tropics area full of gorgeous rain forest and amazing wildlife. I'm home now and will join in the crazy phenomenon that is WOYWW where arty farty people all over the World share what is on their desks and you get to drop by and see as many you are able too. Its organized by Julia so click on the link to her blog HERE if you want to join in or know more about it.  It's close to 5 pm now but here is what is on my work desk this Wednesday.

I've been doing paper crafts again making "A Card In A Box" for my Mum and my hubby's Mum's Mothers Day this week end coming. They are on the left and the trial one in white is in the middle.

Here they are closer...the greeting goes on the back.

They fold flat for posting

but pop up once opened

They are really easy to make and there is a tutorial below here if you want to know how to make them yourself. Now I'm off to snoop on other peoples desks!
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Card In A Box Tutorial

It's been ages since I have shared a technique but I was making some "cards in a box" for my Mum and hubby's Mum for Mother's day and thought I would share the how too. These cards fold flat for posting and once open they become a small box with pop up central areas as per below.

                         What You Need

  • A4 piece of card stock. I'm using white to  show you more easily what I am doing.
  • Pencil. I'll use a black marker in the how too so it stands out more though.
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Bone scorer (or use your ruler edge or rear of your craft knife)
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • Patterned paper or images and or stamps of your choice

                        How Too

1) Place A4 card in portrait position (smaller ends at top and bottom). Measure and mark a pencil dot at 7cm and 15 cm's at top and at bottom from the left hand side. (I'm using a black marker so you can see what I am doing)

Mark a dot at 7cms and 15cms at the top

repeat at the bottom
 2) Turn card so its in landscape position (short sides at left and right). Use ruler and craft knife and cut along from one 15cm marked dot to the other. Keep this cut off bit for use later.

 3) Have card where the 15cm line is cut off now at the bottom.  Measure and mark a dot along top and bottom at 7cm intervals so at 7cms, 14cms, 21cms and 28cms. There will be a small strip left over on the right side.

4) Use image as a guide and score all broken lines and cut all solid lines. That is cut down the 7cm areas and score the 8cm long areas and score the long central part form right to first 7cm centre line. Completely cut off the top right small section where I have written "cut".

Then taper the bottom right small part. This will be the tab to make the box.  It should now look like this

 5) Fold all scored 8cm areas along their edges and use bone folder to press the edges as you go. I find it easier to do this by turning the card to the back

6) Turn it back to right side and use bone folder to press each 7cm area down

7) Apply glue to the tab at bottom right.

8) Bring tab back and glue it to the rear left edge (behind the panel at left that has no score lines on it). You may find this easier to do by turning it over again and bringing the straight edge to the tab edge. Either way it should now be a box!

9) Use the part you cut off at step 2) and cut two strips that are 2cmx10.5cms long.

10) Measure and mark dots at 2cm and 9cm along top and bottom and then score across these to create a 2cm tab and a 1.5cm tab at either end.

 Bend one tab forward and one back to make a loose "Z" shape.

11) Apply glue to rear of 2cm tab and front of 1.5cm tab on both strips.

12) Place one strip in the box just near the top so tabs stick on the box wall. 

Gently "squish" the box to check the tab is in correct  position so once decorated the box can close Ok for posting.

 Adjust tab as needed and insert second tab behind this one in the same way. Aim for tabs to be at a third and 2 thirds spots in the box. It really doesn't have to be precise though.

Now rub off any pencil dots visible and decorate the box as desired....attach images, papers or stamps etc along the box strips. Use small images on front strip and larger on rear strip. Add a greeting behind your "card in a box".

Aren't these just cool? I'm itching to do a steampunk one :o)

Annette In Oz

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW)

After a busy two weeks pre, during and post cyclone I'm able to join in with WOYWW this week. WOYWW is What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and its simply a group of creators and artists from all over the World, whom post pictures of what is on their work desks each Wednesday. The ring leader(founder) and where you put the link to your post is on Julia's blog  HERE. So this week I'm sharing just my paper arts desk as the mozzies have been insanely ferocious when I have been out trying to work at my metal working desk in the garage.

Here is my paper arts desk. I've been making mixed media backgrounds (at left) to make a card for a friend. At the right I am adding  some more small watch parts to a steampunk puffy heart necklace I made using Ice Resin.

This is the card I made closer. Its for a lovely lovely kind artistic friend Evvie, whom had been unwell for awhile. I hope she likes it and doesn't see it in here before she gets it in the post! :o)

My intro to drawing and painting class has finished but I hope to join a drop in session each week to continue with trying to learn to paint as its been a life long thing I have always wanted to learn. I'm still utterly surprised at how well my first painting went...not that any others will turn out well but I want to keep learning and trying! If you would like to see my first ever landscape painting its here. Now I am off to look at others desks...
Annette In Oz xxx

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All Ok Here!

Hi all
Thanks everyone whom sent well wishes thru here it was greatly appreciated. We are all fine after cyclone Ita....we lost power for 2 days which of course meant we lost the home phone and wifi. A power surge killed the satellite TV decoder so no TV here for a few weeks but that's OK. Thankful indeed that we bought a generator when we moved over plus that we had a gas stove so we could power the house and boil water for a bath (the generator didn't power the hot water service as its on a separate fuse to mains to house). We had several trees down on the block as most is a regenerated rain forest. There was a largish one blocking the drive way which my son Tim cut up and moved and one landed on the roof but didn't do any was long and skinny...hhhmmm unlike me LOL.
There was allot of local flooding but its all settled down now and I have been able to go to town and buy food etc. No body got killed which is awesome though some families in Cooktown lost roofs and three local families lost everything due to flooded houses which was sad and I feel for them indeed. All in all we are unscathed and grateful for that so thanks again everyone. I wont be playing in WOYWW today as I am still catching up on washing and clearing fallen branches etc  plus I didn't get any art done since last week but I shall pop in and join WOYWW next week. Oh in case you were wondering hubby was away at work during the storm...of course!
Here are a few photos..The first is my son Tim at Wonga Beach as Cyclone Ita approached. The usually blue sea was choppy and brown and it was quite windy.

Here is the tree that fell on the house

and the one that blocked the driveway

We seem to have a native soap tree as this was at  the base of a tree as I walked down the drive!

Flooded Bushy creek near home...someone obviously tried to cross it while it was higher then this as there is a 4WD up against a tree where it got washed off the road mid left in the photo. Tim could walk all the way up to it and said water was thru the entire car.

I did take more photos and some short videos but they are taking ages to upload from my phone. I'll add them later if they ever come thru!

hugs and stay safe where ever you are in our amazing World

Annette In Oz xxx


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